Did you know that most people will have come into contact with a promotional product at some point in their lifetimes? In fact, it is reported that approximately 90% of American consumers own a logo pen of some sort.

This equates to about the same rate that Americans own cellphones! Because we come into contact with dozens of advertisements and logo items daily, it is worth the low-cost investment of customized pens to capitalize on this and add your company into the marketing mix. Personalized promotional writing tools keep functionality at the forefront, while also boosting exposure for your company.

They have the capacity to help you increase your brand presence in both the short and long term. Quality and usefulness are essential to keep in mind, as both will work in your favor and enable you to make sure you have the best chance at consumers remembering your business. So, if you’re ready to kick your 2021 promotional marketing products and strategy into full speed, we have the selection of customizable pen supplies you need.

On average, pens have the lowest cost per impression with a high rate of return, meaning that your promotional Custom pens are both an affordable and effective promotional product option to use to boost your company’s presence.

Promo pens cost less than 1/10th of a cent per cost impression, in comparison to promotional prime time television ads at $0.019 and online advertisements at approximately $0.08 per impression. With that kind of cost difference, promoting your business with custom logoed pens is a highly fiscally responsible decision to make in the long run.

Consumers are also reportedly about 2.5 times more likely to remember advertisers based on tangible promotional products versus online, radio, or television platforms. Why? Because people love stuff! People own custom promo pens at a rate of nearly 10 percent higher than that of promotional attire and over 25 percent higher than that of promotional drinkware.

With the high visibility and use of pens, these sit as one of the most effective and affordable advertising methods you can use for your business. Since promotional pens are the most owned logo tool, they are one of the simplest ways to up your marketing strategy effectiveness and increase consumer retention, while allowing you to adequately work within your budget.

If you are wondering just how to effectively keep consumers intrigued and coming back for more, the answer may be simpler than you think. One of the major keys to successful consumer retention is to give them high quality products. It is found, that the top rated reason consumers keep any promotional item in the long run, is for its quality. Quality does not have to come as an expensive feature though. You will more adequately stretch your dollar with the right products, thus making it uncomplicated to offer professional personalized promotional products to your consumers that they will utilize time and time again.

When it comes to high quality custom logo pens, our top rated selection of style, ink, color, and finish options will provide your consumers with the writing tool giveaways they want to (and will) hang onto! Go for high quality logo advertising with any of our classic style pens or opt for something even more versatile by choosing from our stylus and highlighter duo pens.

By displaying your company name and logo on a variety of personalized logo pens, you can give your consumers a range of ways to get their work done, while adding a daily reminder of your business to their lives.

Name and logo recognition are simplified by energetic and thoughtful product placement. Advertising with giveaways like wholesale promotional pens, affords you the chance to buy large quantities of pens in bulk to cover any of your giveaway or marketing activities. At the same time, this puts a much lesser strain on your budget and easily expands your reach within your target consumer market.

With sights and goals set on 2021, it is all about you and your consumers getting the most out of your products. Pen advertising is just the high impact, low cost way to help you achieve this goal and any others you set for your promotional strategy for the upcoming year. You can most cost effectively promote your business with any of our custom professional pens and be assured that you are well on your 2021 goal path to increased consumer satisfaction, retention, and brand recognition.