Tell those germs to be gone! Now more than ever, consumers are looking for ways to rid themselves and their surroundings of as many germs as possible to stay safe and healthy. People also want products that are useful and high quality. Antimicrobial promotional giveaways are an increasingly intuitive approach to advertising because they will serve as reassurance for your consumers that you care about them by helping them to keep clean while using your products.

Customizable anti-germ selections like antibacterial pens and no touch keys are prominent, cost-effective options that are popular for their daily useful applications. Combine these options with our custom imprinting services and we can help you reach your promotional marketing goals with professional, high quality antibacterial goods.

 Antibacterial Pens and No Touch Keys

Pens are top rate among the popularity contest when it comes to promotional products.  Most consumers will, at some point, come into contact with a promotional logo pen. This is because pens are the most widely used promotional tool across the market based on their quality, practicality, and affordability. To perk up the effectiveness of this already wonder instrument even further, you can reach the advertising gains you desire for your business with our custom antibacterial pens.

Antibacterial properties are directly embedded into the make of the pen, offering an invisible layer of protection for any of your pen customization projects. The additional safety feature of these antibacterial properties can add value to your consumers’ lives by giving them peace of mind and a promotional product they won’t want to put down.

For another functional promo item with a hygienic focus, antibacterial no touch keys are an increasingly popular way to up the recognition factor for your business. These make an ideal choice for a product giveaway option because they allow your consumers to carry on throughout their days without the worry of needing to contact high touch surfaces, such as door handles, pin pads, and elevator buttons.

No touch options like these keys are portable enough to keep on a key ring or in a pocket, so consumers have quick access to use them when needed. These key-style hooks make for creative promotional marketing ideas as they are very easily customized with your logo and company name. Place your business details on these for a simple and professional avenue in which to give your company a healthful presence that will have consumers coming your way.  

Other Popular Antimicrobial Giveaway Ideas

Antimicrobial mouse pads are staples for everyday use for many consumers, whether it is in offices, at home, or on the go. Great giveaway options, these mouse pads are designed with special antimicrobial preservatives in them to keep the germs at bay by working to keep harmful bacteria from growing on the product.

Another popular option for customized antimicrobial giveaways is the antimicrobial lanyard. These are high touch, high use items that can therefore be prone to collecting germs. By offering the antimicrobial version as your promotional giveaway, consumers will get an upgraded rendition of this classic and necessary favorite.

Ultraviolet light sterilizer wands are a tech savvy, on trend way to get your target market interested in your business. These sterilizing wands are an eco-friendly option that works to disinfect surfaces while generating intrigue and providing a memorable way for consumers to recognize your brand.

When it comes to the sanitized, germ-busting world, promotional hand sanitizer bottles, sanitizer sprays, and sanitizing pens keep the deal running. Added to the appeal of this clean-friendly batch, mini sanitizing wipe containers and packets are also simple to customize and even simpler for your consumers to stay safe.

Consumers will appreciate products that can help them to live their lives without as many germs as possible. You can create a high rate of return, as well as increased consumer usage and interest by using these inventive, popular promotional giveaway products that showcase that your business is on point with your consumers’ needs and wants.

You can also be certain that you will not have to choose between safety or affordability and functionality when it comes to our antibacterial selection of promotional pens and no touch keys.

These on trend antibacterial promotional giveaway ideas are made to help put your brand in the spotlight by helping to keep your marketing strategy focused for success. With the strong array of quality options available on the market, like our antibacterial no touch keys and pens, there is definitely something for every business’ need and budget.