Promotional pens ahead of the game

This year’s ‘Best of’ list features a round-up of the most favored high quality, well-functioning pens, which can help lead your company on the journey to successful logo advertising. Check out the group below to find your favorites from the year’s best logo advertising pens to keep you successfully promoting and efficiently working without pause.


  • Bic Cristal – Made by the pen gurus at Bic, the Bic Cristal pen is a classic cap pen used by many. You will find this pen to be an easy writer with an admirable light weight, which grants you the opportunity to quickly jot down all of your notes.


  • Uni-ball Jetstream pen – Touted for its smooth ink flow and dark pigment, the Uni-ball Jetstream pen is a pen that works for all occasions. The overall plastic design makes this piece a no-fuss option to meet your satisfaction.


  • Pilot Dr. Grip – Call up the good ol’ doctor! The Pilot by Dr. Grip is a classic piece with a known comfortable cushioned pen grip. A sturdy designed pen, this ballpoint has an even ink flow and holds up to various situations from shirt pockets to being clipped to a binder.


  • Custom Soft Touch Stylus Pen – The Custom Soft Touch Stylus Pens offered by us here at 4 pens is a smooth writer with visual elements just as pleasing. This piece offers a professional appearance that can dress up the look of your company with ease.


  • Paper Mate InkJoy 100RT Retractable Ballpoint Pen – This one is slim and to the point. Paper Mate InkJoy custom printed pens serves up a quality piece in the 100RT Retractable Ballpoint Pen. This is a medium point pen that writes smoothly, allowing you to accurately pen all of your tasks in a quick and efficient way.


  • Aura Metallic Pen – Our Aura Metallic pen is a high shine, slim style pen that is made to help you quickly accomplish all of your essential projects. This pen has an easy-going click top design that carries a professional look and feel, while the smooth ink flow keeps your writing even. With the ability to be customized, this pen is a smart choice to add to your collection.


  • BIC Round Stic Xtra Life Ball Pen – Another conventional option from BIC, the Round Stick Xtra Life Ball Pen, is a work-ready pen with a simple design. The ink on this pen is full and thick, allowing you to write evenly with a skip-free flow.


  • Zebra Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink Gel Retractable Pen – This one comes in at the top of the gel ink pen crew. The Zebra Sarasa Rapid Dry Ink pen has quick-drying properties to more quickly dry the ink to help keep it from smudging, making this a smooth option for all of your gel ink project needs.


  • Pilot Precise V5 RT - The Pilot Precise V5 RT is a dark pigmented pen that is best used for times when you want a more refined, slim ink style. This pen creates even fine strokes and works well for activities where more defined accurate lines are required like sketching and drawing.


  • Barton Pen – Our 4 Pens Barton Pen gives you the overall high quality you want in a smooth, wide barrel style. One of the highlights of this medium point retractable pen is the slightly indented grip with its ribbed texture. This grip will keep you comfortable while the ink flow is even, giving this pen its rightful place as a top contender.


These Top 10 power house promo logo pens serve up the comfort and convenience we all need. Your pen collection’s quality will be boosted quickly by using these promotional pens for your own tasks and to promote your business. Pens in bulk are one of the surest ways to get your marketing materials up to par to meet all of your consumers’ needs.

With each use, these top rated Custom promotional pens will put you closer to your advertising objectives and your consumers closer to having that daily reminder of your business at the ready.