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Stylus Pens

Custom Stylus Pens

Both writing and tech functionalities are a match made in hybrid perfection with stylus pens. We take the guess work out of these custom promotional pens to keep pen marketing simple for you.
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Custom Stylus Pens

With 4Pens, we strive to provide fast, effective service so you can easily purchase the promotional pens with stylus designs you want to help you reach your marketing targets. Our custom stylus pens will give your promotional pen marketing efforts an affordable and further functional boost with their dual use. We offer an extensive range of custom ink pens with stylus on which you can choose to incorporate your logo with our professional laser engraving work. The expansive offerings of our personalized stylus pens and engraving capabilities embody the 4Pens tradition of quality products and superior service.

Wholesale Promotional Stylus Pens with Your Logo

Pens with stylus and logo designs are the perfect promotional tool if you are looking for a classic, yet still tech savvy instrument to give to your consumers.Go for a festive grouping of our personalized stylus pens in bulk to get the ultimate in cost-effective promotional goods. Let the true character of your business show through with an order of top notch pens from 4Pens today. Stylus pens from our collection will help you showcase your company’s brand voice with professionalism and your company’s unique style. Let our expert team assist you in any way to help? you get the promotional stylus pens you want to keep your budget in check and your business presence on full tilt!

Stylus Pens

The double duty of stylus pens makes these a tremendous promotional pen giveaway and will be a product consumers will look forward to using time and time again. You can get any amount of pens you need from us with our custom stylus pens no minimum purchasing options. With our no minimum purchase requirements and low-cost prices, you can design your custom pens to be a true depiction of how you want to represent your brand.

We offer our pens at economical prices with your budget needs in mind because we believe that promoting your cause shouldn’t break your bank. Our stylus pen options are a perfect item for any event where you want to display or gift high quality custom printed stylus pens.

Take It to the Touch: Exploring Stylus Pens

A stylus pen, also known as a touchscreen stylus or digital pen, is a small instrument shaped like a pen that allows users to interact with touchscreens on devices like tablets and smartphones. They typically have a rubber or plastic tip that mimics the touch of a finger, improving precision and control over on-screen actions.

There are several variations of stylus pens available to suit different needs and budgets. Here are some popular types:

  • Active stylus: These pens use electronic signals to interact with the touchscreen, often requiring a battery or needing to be paired with the device. Active styluses typically offer pressure sensitivity, allowing for thicker or thinner lines depending on the pressure applied, which is great for drawing and writing.
  • Passive stylus: These rely on the electrical conductivity of the pen's tip to interact with the touchscreen and do not require batteries. They are generally more affordable but may not offer the same level of precision or pressure sensitivity as active styluses.
  • Bamboo stylus: These eco-friendly options are made from bamboo and often have a passive tip. They provide a comfortable grip and a stylish look.
  • Pen and stylus combo: These combine a regular pen with a stylus tip on the other end, offering the convenience of having both writing instruments in one.
  • When considering a stylus pen, think about how you'll be using it. If you need pressure sensitivity for artistic endeavors, then an active stylus might be the way to go. For basic note-taking or navigating menus, a passive stylus could be sufficient.

    No matter what your needs are, there's a stylus pen out there that can help you take your touchscreen experience to the next level.


    Varied styling

    The range of stylus pens is vast and our collection puts an emphasis on the details. Our custom pen stylus combo tools are a timeless and popular product with which to promote your brand.

     These duo pens are keen for those looking for a tool that you can easily transition from manual to digital note taking. To up the functional wow factor even further, choose from our custom pens with light and stylus pieces. This has the best of what you need all in one convenient spot.

    With this creative pen combination, your customers will be well suited to complete their projects while getting a constant reminder of your business’ slogan or logo. We also offer an antibacterial stylus pen that comes with sanitizing spray that will serve as yet another convenient and helpful multipurpose product.

    Pens are poised to help you add a recognizable presence for you company among customers because of their versatility. When purchasing from 4Pens, finding the supreme in stylus pen custom logo items is just a few clicks away.

    We put cost-effective multifunctional pen products to the test and guarantee that ours are top quality. You can give your business the edge and rise above the competition with our remarkable collection of stylus pens. With so many pieces from which to choose, we are certain that you will find something to help you successfully complete the task of finding affordable and effective promotional pens!